GV2207 – HSV-2 Immunotherapeutic

There are approximately 535 million cases of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 (HSV-2) globally, about 35 million in the U.S.A. About 20% of infected individuals may experience repeated bouts of painful herpetic lesions, while others may experience only mild symptoms and may not even realize they are infected. Whether symptomatic or not, infected individuals can shed viral particles throughout their lifetime, spreading the disease; and HSV-2 infection may also increase the risk of HIV infection. There is no preventive vaccine and no cure for repeated herpetic outbreaks. The direct and indirect costs of HSV-2 infection in the U.S. total approximately $2 billion per year.

In preclinical testing, a single administration of GenVec's HSV-2 immunotherapeutic candidate reduced HSV-2 lesion scores in an industry-standard lesion recurrence model. In a murine challenge study, mice treated with GV2207 and then challenged with HSV-2 showed a 50x to 100x reduction in viral load compared with untreated mice. The T cell response seen in these treated mice was robust and durable; and repeat administration increased the T cell response.

GenVec's HSV-2 immunotherapeutic candidate was designed to reduce the frequency and duration of herpetic lesions as well as reducing the shedding of infectious viral particles.