Partnering with GenVec

GenVec built and continues to develop its proprietary AdenoVerse™ technology platform through pioneering efforts in gene-based medicine. Both by developing drugs on its own account as well as by working with partners and collaborators, the company has attained extensive translational expertise with novel therapeutics, as exemplified by:

  • Ten INDs filed across a range of programs
  • First-in-man gene therapy trials in the eye and the inner ear
  • Localized gene delivery to the heart muscle, the lung, and a range of tumor types
  • Vaccines developed targeting infectious diseases such as HIV and malaria

In addition to carrying forward its own research, GenVec is actively seeking new partnerships with companies engaged in a wide range of disease treatment and prevention strategies.

GenVec believes, based on experience, that the company's AdenoVerse technology platform and translational expertise can provide key advantages for advancing product candidates to address a variety of indications relevant to a large set of applications.

The AdenoVerse technology platform provides assets and knowhow for commercial product development across a spectrum of applications.

The proprietary AdenoVerse vector library includes an array of adenovectors, each offering unique biological properties while remaining customizable to address the needs of any given application.

Select AdenoVerse vectors are capable of generating strong and long-lasting humoral and cellular immune responses, which make them well suited for applications such as vaccines and oncolytic virotherapy. Other AdenoVerse vectors have the capability to deliver payloads in a "stealth" manner - without altering transduced cells or triggering a vigorous immune response - making these vectors particularly well suited for applications such as cell therapies and gene editing. Overall, GenVec's vector technology can be used to develop products for a broad range of indications and therapeutic areas.

Key AdenoVerse technology features:

  • A portfolio of novel adenovectors engineered by GenVec, including vectors derived from both rare human and non-human primate serotypes, each with distinct biological properties
  • A variety of vectors with very low seroprevalence in the human population
  • Tunable Tropism to achieve cell-type specific gene delivery
  • Large packaging capacity (up to 12 kb) for large/multiple expression cassettes
  • Improved safety, with multiple deletions in vector genomes to prevent viral replication and to facilitate "stealth" gene delivery
  • A strong and growing intellectual property portfolio

AdenoVerse technology's Tunable Tropism options assure effective, cell-specific transduction and gene delivery.

In collaboration with its partners, GenVec can customize AdenoVerse vector constructs to derive product candidates that deliver specified genetic payloads precisely to the desired cells of interest. The company's knowhow and methodologies have demonstrated successful gene delivery to the following cells and tissues:

  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Eye Tissues
  • T Cells
  • Keratinocytes
  • Cardiac Tissues
  • Lung
  • Neural Stem Cells
  • Inner Ear Tissues
  • Cancer Cells

GenVec vectors can be designed to target numerous additional cell types and tissues to fit a wide variety of in vivo and ex vivo therapeutic approaches.

AdenoVerse technology includes commercializable production processes supported by substantial manufacturing expertise.

The robust AdenoVerse platform has been used to manufacture clinical-grade therapeutics and vaccine product candidates administered to over 3,000 subjects in studies conducted in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • The platform includes thoroughly characterized packaging cell lines that grow all GenVec vectors to high titers in serum-free medium and are genetically stable upon high passage
  • GenVec's GMP processes utilize high yield scalable unit operations that are suitable for commercialization
  • GenVec's release testing assays are validated and thoroughly documented
  • GenVec's manufacturing and testing operations, vetted by its strategic partners, meet international commercialization standards

AdenoVerse technology includes GenVec's extensive translational expertise.

GenVec is a leader in first-in-human product candidate development and seeks to join with additional partners in moving product concepts from the research stage to the clinic using its commercializable platform.

GenVec's translational expertise encompasses:

  • Gene therapy platform construction for commercial product development
  • New vector isolation and construction
  • Identification and selection of cell targeting moieties and cell-specific tropism
  • Vector and transgene design, optimization, and characterization
  • Lead molecule proof-of-principle testing design, execution and documentation
  • Product candidate efficacy, safety and toxicity testing
  • Antigen discovery for vaccine products
  • Process development and manufacturing scale-up
  • Multiple successful manufacturing campaigns, including proven success with technology transfer
  • Experience with clinical trial design and management
  • A track record of successful interaction with regulatory agencies both in the U.S. and abroad as well as numerous regulatory submissions and fillings

GenVec strives to be the partner of choice.

GenVec has a track record of successful and productive industrial, academic, and NGO/governmental collaborations and partnerships. Current examples of GenVec's collaborative approach include:

  • Novartis: Discovered by GenVec, CGF166 is designed to deliver the therapeutic atonal gene specifically into supporting cells in the inner ear and is being tested by our partner, Novartis, in an ongoing first-in-man Phase 1/2 clinical trial for hearing loss and imbalance disorders.
  • TheraBiologics: GenVec is working with TheraBiologics to develop a genetically modified neural stem cell-based oncology therapeutic leveraging the AdenoVerse platform. The collaboration is focused on using GenVec's technology and knowhow to develop an improved and commercializable "second generation" product candidate. It is anticipated that this "second generation" candidate will be tested in a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with recurrent glioblastoma in 2016.

GenVec strives to be the partner of choice for developing innovative gene-based medicines through collaboration. GenVec's Business Development team looks forward to discussing any questions related to the AdenoVerse vector technology, as well as to providing further information about how GenVec's translational capabilities can provide solutions for gene-based product development.


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