Viral Vectors

GenVec's highly potent adenovectors include rare human and non-human low-seroprevalence serotypes, such as our GC adenovectors; and are designed for superior performance while avoiding the pre-existing immunity issues that can hamper gene delivery using other adenovector constructs.  


  • GenVec's proprietary multiply-deleted vectors ensure replication block, and provide increased transgene capacity, including multi-gene and multi-antigen payloads.

  • Our gorilla adenovectors provide distinct advantages for molecular vaccines, including the induction of both durable high-level antibody and T cell responses.  These vectors have also been shown to induce increased immune responses on repeat administration.

GenVec's novel, proprietary adenovectors can be customized for regenerative medicine, cell therapy and other gene and antigen delivery strategies.  Our adenovectors produce high viral yields when manufactured using our cell lines. 

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