AdenoVerse™ Technology

GenVec has the technology and experience to deliver on the promise of gene-based medicine.  With over twenty years of specialization in our field, we are a leader in adenovector design, testing, scale-up and manufacture. Our AdenoVerse™ technology platform includes a broad array of proprietary adenovirus vectors for efficient gene delivery for therapeutics and vaccines as well as proven scale-up and production methodologies and proprietary manufacturing cell lines.

Whether the medical indication requires precise targeting of one or more therapeutic genes to a specific cell or tissue type, or broad delivery of one or more antigens to elicit robust and durable cellular and antibody immune responses, our highly adaptable technology platform can be engineered to effectively meet the disease treatment or prevention challenge.  

Our exclusive AdenoVerse™ gene delivery options include adenovectors of non-human origin and alternative human serotypes in addition to customized designs based on the "workhorse" adenovector serotype 5. Each vector type has its own specialized characteristics, facilitating vector selection and configuration to best address the disease treatment or prophylaxis need. 

While earlier work in the field demonstrated that pre-existing immunity may pose a problem for "first generation" adenovectors under certain circumstances, GenVec's proprietary selection of vector origins and serotypes, combined with our expertise in altering vector tropism and specifying cellular and tissue targets, facilitate the design and production of vectors that efficiently deliver genes and antigens while effectively avoiding potential complications of pre-existing immunity.  

Our manufacturing cell lines have been used to produce therapeutics and vaccines under GMP with high yields for numerous clinical studies.  Our collaborative track record includes the successful design and manufacture of novel adenovectors containing multiple genes, multiple antigens, and even genes which can present considerable scale-up and manufacturing issues.  Therapeutics and vaccines designed by GenVec and produced using our high-yield cell lines have been tested in over 3,000 study subjects in clinical trials conducted in the U.S., Europe, Africa and the Middle East.